Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another semester gone by

I think it's strange that I always seem to post at the end of a semester. I wonder if I just get busy during the semester or something? Anyways, the end of a semester can only mean one thing: goals! This summer I plan on working on some fun things, not the least of which is my QubLib framework, which will be a cross platform C++ wrapper for Win32 and the Xlib system. This summer I plan on doing the Win32 part and then as I have time I'll get around the Xlib system. What can I say, I'm a windows developer, even if that does sound rather oxy-moronish to some people. Anyways, I'm excited for this summer and I hope that I can pump out some new things.
The motivation for creating QubLib was that I couldn't find a Graphical User Interface toolkit that really meshed with my personal beliefs. I'm not talking about religious beliefs, but I believe that GUI toolkits should be easy to use, which I suppose is a matter of opinion, but MY opinion is the one that really counts here, right?

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